How to Track An iPhone by Phone Number

If an individual has lost his iPhone then one may be worried that their data will be misused. But they do not need to worry as they can easily track their “iPhone” by number. There exists a number of ways to recover a stolen iPhone and it is easy to get recover one’s personal data too. Yes, this is possible even if your phone is lost.

Most of the people do find their iPhones by using a variety of mobile tracking applications. It can also be recovered by making use of IMEI number. But in the last few years, it has been seen that individuals have been locating an iPhone by making use of phone number only. This thing has created a revolution in the "public domain". But one needs to understand this process in detail before they are ready to implement it.

Logging into iCloud Website

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One can log in their iCloud website by making use of their iPhone’s email id and password. Like this, they can locate their lost iPhone.

Find my iPhone

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By clicking on finding my iPhone a map will open with the current location of an individual's iPhone.

“I” Next

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One should then click on the option "I" next and like this, a vast list of different options will appear.

Play Sound/Send Message

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One should click on this button if one has lost their iPhone in their home premises. Like this, a loud sound will be heard or even a message of the lost phone will be sent to the particular application.

iCloud Logo

By clicking on this logo one returns back to the home screen from where they started the whole process and then they should also click on the close session to log out.

These are a number of useful steps which are helpful in locating an individual’s lost iPhone by phone number.

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